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Wanted: Audi Rally cars for Monterey Historics

Hi All,

Many of you may already know that the Monterey Historics are in August (25 -
29) and Audi is the featured make this year.  Factory Audi race and rally
cars from the old Auto Union Grand Prix and Hill Climb cars to the Gr. B
rally cars, Pikes Peak cars, IMSA GTO, SCCA Trans-AM, and current Touring
cars, will be on display.  Drivers such as Hans Stuck, Hurley Haywood,
Walter Rohrl, Michele Mouton, Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola, and others
should be there as well.  As for the non-factory rally and race cars, I've
been asked by the Quattro Club to come up with as many Audi rally and race
cars as I can, to be put on display.

So, I'm looking for any and all Audi rally and race cars out there.  Coral
passes would be taken care of by the Quattro Club, as well as having a
chance to drive your car on the famous Parade Lap, and fall in for the
famous photo shoot of all the cars.  I'm planning to have my S2 out there,
and hope to have several other Audi Rally and racecars out there as well.
This is also a great opportunity for potential sponsorship for your car.  If
you have an Audi rally or race car, and aren't at a rally that weekend, let
me know if you'd be interested in bringing your car out.  For more
information on this historics, please check out

-Mark Nelson