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Re: Ur-Q Window Motor/Regulator

In message <4.1.19990510165008.00adb5d0@pop.flash.net> Tony Lum writes:

> The motor/regulator assembly is bolted to the door with flexible rubber
> studs (3 each).  Many times the stud separates from the rubber portion
> which allows the motor to flop around.  Should be able to replace these
> from the dealer.  In any case examine the plastic spring loaded guide
> sleeves for cracking.  When these sleeves crack, they allow the cable to
> mis-track and cause tremendous loading on the cable and the rubber studs.
> 3rd party (so called improved design) requires you to drill holes in doors
> and are noisy and s-l-o-w, IMHO, when compared to the cable actuated type.
> They are quite cheaper though.

You will have to drill the door of an old ur-quattro even to fit a
current Audi spare parts.

The 'bodywork' service microfiche gives the dimensions of the template
you are recommended to make up out of a piece of mild steel.  I posted
a comprehensive description of this and it should be in the archives.


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