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New A6

All this talk about getting a 4.2 A6 with  a manual tranny reminds me of an
old song:  "Dreammm, Dreammm, Dreammm, Dream...."  Somehow Audi let the 5sp
V8 slip through to us, which lets you see how a manual tranny can absolutely
transform a car.  Other than that, BMW is the only one that has the b@lls to
offer a manual with a sport packages in most of their models (the 7-series
being the exception). Don't get me wrong, I've never bought a BMW, and will
probably keep buying Audis, but at this point I'm just hoping we get a new
S6 and that it has a manual tranny instead of tiptronic.  Not that
tiptronic's bad, I just prefer a real manual.  Maybe Audi will wake up one
day and realize that they could really overwhelm BMW if they started
bringing us sport models a la the M3 and M5 and offered manual trannies for
those of us who like to row the gears.  At least Piech is in charge.  That
gives me some hope.

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services