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Re: Dunlap Sp Sport 4000's >> Opinions?

I have had them for a number of years on my '83 Urq.  had them at Second Creek
with the QClub in Denver years ago, right after putting them on.  They pushed a
little and scrubbed the outside edges on a rough track, but held great.  They
have been described as being the Sp 8000 carcass with all season tread.  Track
performance, according to Tire Rack testing when they both first came out, bore
that out.  I think they've been a fantastic bargain, although they would not be
what I put on the car next because I moved from CO to Louisiana and can get away
with ultra performance dry/wet tires...don't need any four season capabilities.

The performance has degraded over the last few years due to little usage and
aging rubber on the present set.  By the way, my performance comparisons were
P700Z's and Pirelli Sports, non DOT Euro's akin to the P7Ralleyes.  As I said,
the SP4000's were a bargain with barely reduced dry/wet with the necessary all
season edge for snow and slush.  P700Z's DID NOT grip any ice, BTDT!  Close
relationship with a guard rail at less than 4 mph!


PlyBoyDoct@aol.com wrote:

> Daily driver tires, that I wouldn't personally put on my car.  I got the
> P-4000 Sport Veloce VR for like 90 bucks that are great for wet and awsome on
> dry.  Any comments from the q-list?
> Jason C
> 89 200t10v
> Redmond WA
> In a message dated 5/11/99 6:28:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> kurt.wesseling@nexusmgmt.com writes:
> << It's time to get some new tires...again.  Apparently Dunlap has quit making
>  the D40M2 in 205 x 15 so I'm considering the SP 4000's as a replacement.
>  Obviously it's not the tire the D40M2 is, but it's cheap!  Tirerack has them
>  for USD $61.00.
>  Anyone BTDT?
>  Kurt
>  89 200TQ
>   >>