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2.0 16v conversion a little closer

I mailed the list a few weeks ago wrt a 2.0 16v conversion into my 
old '85 Audi 80 Sport, but still have a few questions so wonder if u 
can help?

I'm hoping to use the 2.0 16v from the 1991 onwards audi so do ya 
know if.....
1.This will bolt straight in won't it?! (and the bonnet will close w/o 
2.Will the gearbox and clutch handle the extra torque- my 1.8 8v is 
about 120lb-ft, 2.0 16v is about 132lb-ft.
3.Will the new airbox and injection system fit into it's existing place 
within the engine bay.
4.Is linking up the management-system /wiring loom a simple job? 
ie. just need a power supply or does it have to link up with the rev 
counter and dashboard? and the old senders for oil 
pressure/temp/dash warning lights will simply bolt to the new 
5. I'm going to put the battery in the boot but will it fit in the orginal 
place anyway?
6. Will the old manifold/downpipe bolt on to the new engine or 
should i use the new manifold and downpipe, also is the existing 8v 
exhaust system suitable for the more revy engine? 

The cheapest quote i've had for everything -
(block,head,injectors,managment,downpipe etc) is 
600 + VAT for a 91, 105 000 mile writeoff. Does this sound 
reasonable - he said he would give me everything for the conversion.

-So also wonder if anyone can suggest a breakers in the UK which 
can maybe better that price?
I've rang up other places who say theyve got an engine but no 
wiring loom. - I've suggested that I could get a loom/management 
from a 16v golf and get extra power (150hp but less torque) but 
they say it won't work - As far as I know the audi and vw engines 
are identical apart from the ecu - can anyone verify this? The audi 
engine is quoted at 140bhp but the bloke who can get it for 600 gbp 
said with a chip change ud be looking at 170hp - anyone verify 
Can't wait to get my old car running faster! 
Hope someone can help!


Ed Shiers

'85 80 sport