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Re: tranny fluid change on the V8 4.2

Hairy green toads from Mars made Eric Friedman/Creative Showcase, LLC. say:

> Was going over my stuff for the tranny fluid change.  I was going to have my
> friends Bosch service facitily do the change this week rather than wait for
> the dealer into next month.  Wanted to double-check with everyone on the
> exact amount of ATF fluid needed and whether the only way to read the fluid
> level is with the dip stick or additionally in some other way.  Also, you
> guys have mentioned the temperature of the fluid issue relative to the VAG
> 1551.  Coudl someone fill me in on the whole scenario.  Thanks

Can't speak for the V8, but the newer A6's use the VAG 1551
to check the fluid level and temperature. Starting in '95, they
don't even HAVE dipsticks any more :-(


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