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Re: Cold start problem '90 80

I own an '88 80 with the same engine.  The problem is the thermo/time
switch.  There is no cold start valve in this model, the fuel system is
KE-Jetronic(no cold start valve vs K-Jet which had it).  I had the same
problem with my starting, but took at least 5-8 tries to crank it in VT.
on cold days.  Check the voltage on the thermo/time switch before
replacing, if it is a good factory spec voltage then you need to check
the fifth injector to see if it is working, but almost always the
thermo/time switch.  Visit The Audi 80 Pages(my website)
http://surf.to/the80pages.com  and click on the Audi 80 Technical Pages
link up top for more info.  Always good to see more 80 front wheelers on
the list, good luck!

Alexander van Gerbig '88 80
The Audi 80 Pages

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'86 5000s
'88 80
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