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Re: modern sub cu ft needs/stereo discussion

Probably would smell bad before too long too!

I guess I probably will end up doing a little 'net or library research on this, 
_when_ I get closer building a box.  I've had a 4x8' sheet of 3/4" or 5/8" (I 
suffer from C.R.S.) particle board for a long time for this purpose, but have 
moved a few times since then.

The stereo project is supposed to be, and has been, back burner, but a trip 
to the stereo shop did nothing for my keeping perspective of practicality.


"Stephen Bigelow" <sbigelow@sprint.ca> wrote:
> Isobaric enclosure. Takes about half the enclosure size of a single
> driver.....just be sure you wire them out of phase, eh?.
> Probably wouldn't sound very nice otherwise....*s*
> _________________________________________________________
> I understand I can "clamshell" my 4 12"s to run two pairs as one pair,
> which would reduce the required box size, but I wasn't planning on making
> just one sub box.