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Re: Unlocking Center Differential

dwall@sisna.com wrote:
> I just got my 4000 back from the shop, where they were Supposed to fix the
> differential locks that were sticking.  Needless to say, about half way
> home, the center differential light comes on.  I pulled off in the nearest
> gravel parking lot I could find, and sure enough, the center differential
> is locked!  I'm already over half way to work, so I continue to work
> (about 2 more miles.)
> My question is, how can I unlock the center differential just until I can
> get it back to the shop?  Is this something I can do just by crawling
> under the car and moving the actuator?  I don't want to drive with the
> differential locked anymore than I have to.

Yes, you can just get under the car and manually disengage it. The
center one is pretty well hidden though :)