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RE: 9004->9007 upgrade?

	And Yes again.  Its worth it.  Beam pattern is better.  I also
used the NAPA sourced Wagner 9007 Bright Light Xenon bulbs which (Similar
to the PIAA Super Whites I spose) put out a MUCH brighter white light.
Now my Lows are as good in my Euro Light car but without the Definition
(read...SUCKS in fog and Heavy Snow)  but the highs, while better, still
need lots of work.  To help out I have 2 Driving lights mounted behind the
	Anyhow, You have to switch the ground wire with one of the others.
I think its the Yellow one in teh stock harness but it could be the white
one.  And to fit in the reflector you need to knock off two of the three
tangs in the reflector housing (the two bottom ones, DONT lose the top as
it keeps the bulb oriented right).  Or you can grind holes in the Bulb
	BTW:  RELAY them too.  This made as big of a difference as the
conversion did which made as big a difference as the bulb switch did.  
	BTW-2:  I'm still wanting Euro's just for the Poor Weather
Advantage they give.  If I lived where I didn't get Heavy Fog or Snow at
least 10 drives a year I'd leave them be.

I forgot: There was talk of changing from 9004 bulbs to 9007
bulbs (on '4-eqipped 4ks?) some time ago.
I'm wondering:
- -how difficult is the modification to the bulb?
- -is there a difference in the bulb pinout? (Can one fix that in the
 between the bulb base and the bulb?)
- -is it worth the effort?

- -gbr                        

	Todd Phenneger
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	1984 4000 quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
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