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Re: Brembos, big reds, etc.

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Rob Andrews wrote:

> Wait a sec....I'm confused now...I though the big reds did come from
> 993...look at vwsportusa.com I thought those were the big reds or are there
> BIGGER out there than those?

	Well, I thought there were only two varieties of Porsche Brembos
out there.  The ones that the 911 Twin Turbo and new 996 have.  And the
smaller ones which I thought were what came on the 944 Turbo, 968, RS2,
and maybe the 993.  Or maybe the 993 had the BIG ones.  But the real BIG
Reds are the 911TT units.  I spose the others could be called "Little
Reds"  :-)
	CAn anyone confirm this.  Or were there three different units with
the 993 being bigger than the 944t and smaller than the 911tt.
	Not sure if I helped or confused us more.  Anyone???