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Re: screwed part deux..the insurance company's offer??./ salvagecert.???

In many cases, Insurance companies offer (require) an additional limit for
Accesories.  Any item that is not considered stock on the vehicle will not
be paid for in the event of a loss unless added (named) on the policy.  If
the company is insuring a car that books for say four thousand, and you add
another four thousand in toys, you're still only paying for the original
four thousand in insurance.  To be fair, the company is basing its premium
(amoung other things) on value.  Who is your Agent?  Did they ever discuss
additional accesories?  On the other hand (and this may not do you much
good)  you can take back some of those removable extras.  Did I hear you
mention a stereo?  Good Luck!!

Bill Cooper
'91 200 t
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Subject: screwed part deux..the insurance company's offer??./

>well, the insurance company called and told me what they'd offer me for my
>'84 5000 turbo..  they are only giving me $2100 for it...which i am taking
>loss on, and is totally unfair for the excellent shape the car was in,
but -
>that doesnt matter to THEM. they just see it as a 15 year old car w/ 160k
>the ins. adjuster told me that i could give him reciepts of things i added
>the car, that were not stock, but he said he would just call an audi dealer
>and ask them if the things i had added to the car would make it worth
> do you REALLY think a new Audi dealer cares what kind of things i have
>to my car?
>i was under the impression that if there were items that i added to the
>that were not stock, and i had furnished reciepts for them, then the ins
>would reimburse me for the cost of these items.  i already know they arent
>going to reimburse me for general repairs.
>if i had a $1500 custom stereo system in my car, and the stereo system was
>damaged in the wreck, and i furnished the ins. co a reciept for the stereo
>system,- all the adjuster is telling me he would do is call a brand new
>dealer and ask them if the custom stereo system makes my 84 turbo worth
>am i at the mercy of a brand new Audi dealer, as to what they think my '84
>turbo is worth?
>this doesnt sound right.
>also, the adjuster is telling me that if i want to buyback the car - i have
>to send my good title back to the state of Pa and get a Salvage title.
>i have NEVER heard that...  i have 3 cars, right now, that were totalled by
>other insurance companies and i bought them from the individuals who had
>bought them back from their insurance comapnies, when they were totalled.
>And they ALL have good titles - and one of them is a Pa title.  One of the
>"totalled" cars i am now driving (bought it from a Qlistmember) as i needed
>something to replace my '84 turbo in the interim.
>the adjuster is telling me he wont give me any $ for my car until i get a
>salvage cert.  Has anyone else bought back their wrecked car, and not had
>get a salvage cert????   lets just say my car was "totalled" (which it is)
>but still driveable, and roadworthy (which it isnt)....  if i wanted to buy
>my car back - and still use it, then i would be screwed because i had to
>my title in to the state and get a salvage cert????
> the "totalled" '86 5000 turbo that i am driving in the interim (PO's ins
>"totalled" it because of hit in RR which is definately fixable..) has a
>title...the PO wasnt required to send his title off to the state to get a
>salvage cert....
>what gives????
>any help would be appreciated...
>'84 audi 5000 turbo, wrecked April 25, and now dealing with A**HOLE