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RE: TT Impression

The new Mustang's got the same styling (edge), looks pretty cool. But I
chose the A4 to buy.
Josh Wheeler

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	The Cougar does not in any way compare to the Audi TT and I was not
	implying that.  The Cougar is just a bread and butter car jazzed up
	get higher margins.  I was just pointing out the use of the "Edge"
	styling.  Jack Telenak (who lives down the road from me) was the
	of the Ford Tauras" styling  that brought Ford's future back on
track in
	the early eighties implemented the "Edge" styling prior to his
	retirement. And yes, my cousin that works at the design center said
	Audi heavily influenced the Taurus Aerodynamics and design.
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	>Also, regarding the Cougar. . . they cut down production time by
about 50% by
	>going to 3D computer modeling from scratch. This is echoed on the
design as
	>  Zsolt
	>Todd Young wrote:
	>> "Curry, Rene" wrote:
	>> > The TT is a beautiful car, but being from the motor city I have
to point
	>> > out
	>> > that Ford really brought "Edge" styling to the forefront first
(ie the
	>> > Cougar) which is the
	>> > styling cue of the TT.
	>> I may be wrong, but I believe that the Audi "project car" TT has
	>> around for at least 4 or 5 years, a bit longer than the Dorf
	>> product. The Cougar is actually more loosely based, I believe, on
the Ford
	>> GT90(?) project car, with it's sharp edges combined with rounded
	>> Saw a brief article hinting at an AWD Cougar, artist's rendition
	>> fender flares that suspiciously reminded me of the Audi TT.
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