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brake caliper quest

Since we're all talking about brake caliper interchangability, let me
pick your brains. I am trying to improve the braking on my 1991 Lotus
Elan. This car came with a POS euro-GM floating single piston floating
caliper that cannot lock up the front wheels. This is amazing, since the
car only weights 2300 lbs. I am looking to find a better caliper to fit
the car. Anything off a 3000 lbs car would be more than adequate.

The existing caliper's ears are exactly 3 inches apart. Apparently, this
was pretty common in the 70s/80s For example, my Alfa's 2 piston
Brembo's bolt right on, (same caliper shape as Porsche 914's ATE) but
the outside half is too big - it cannot clear the wheel offset. Same
problem with my BMW 530's 4 piston and Volvo 240 4-piston caliper (which
I stuck on the Alfa) - bolt on, but wont clear. These are the only
calipers I've found so far with this 3 inch spacing.

I am wondering if you guys know of any Audi/VW (or any other)
application that has calipers with 3 inch wide mounting holes. Preferred
type would be 2 piston floating with both piston's inboard, but a single
piston would be fine too, so I dont have to deal with the offset issue.
Fixed calipers that clear would be too much to hope for, but I'd be
thrilled if you guys know of any that I could try out.  My local VW/Audi
dealer does not keep any calipers in stock, so I cant browse their

Thanks in advance. Samir.