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RE: Brembos, big reds, etc. (The truth and long)

> 	Great.  Thanks for the info.  So the S4 brakes are what some
> people improperly call BR's.  I assume this is what came on the RS-2 as
> well as it had 968 Club Sport calipers.  And I guess the Black ones my
> friend has are the smaller ones that came on the Early 944t's etc.
> 	Thanks

Yes, you got it. The 968 Club Sport (available only in Europe) the 968
w/M030 sport suspension, 944S2 w/M030, 88 944TS, 89 944T, 928 S4 & 928 GT
all had the same front caliper. Porsche did not offer these in red. Can't
say about the calipers on the RS2.
> Do you have specs on the Boxter Brakes and how they compare.  I suspect
> they are pretty similar to the smaller Calipers that came on the early
> 944t's.

Do not have the specs on the Boxster monoblocks. They appear to be similar
in size to the small 4 piston 944 calipers.
> 	Yes, but even with stock MC you will see much better braking from
> going with Big Reds or similar up front.  To be perfect though you need an
> adjustable prop. valve and maybe a bigger piston or larger reservoir.  I
> know the Round Reservoir and MC from the later 200's is better than the
> 5ktq unit though and we upgraded this on my friends car.  It feels great
> now.
> 	Anyhow, thanks for all the info.
> L8R
> 	Todd
Your welcome.