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Re: Oil Additives

JOHN URIBE decided to speak these words:

>I hope this isn't to dumb a question, but has anyone ever tried any of the 
>additives (slick 50, prolong) in a turbo charged 10v engine? Will this 
>negitivly affect anything (turbo)?

Here is the story on these things:

They are based on an old anti wear additive, i believe it is 
Clorofloromethane (or something liek that).  Its basically a chlorine 
based additive.  Its an incredible substance against actual physical wear 
from metal to metal contact, but the problem is that it forms HCl after a 
little while and chemically destroys the engine.  There is a reason the 
oil companies stopped using it 50+ years ago...

I personally would never use this stuff, and the deal is that there is an 
additive in todays oil, cant remember the name, that is an AMAZING anti 
wear compound.  It is simply better than anything else chemists have come 
up with as an all around compound and that is why you dont see oil itself 
touting the same properties as these additives.

Basically, they might work in the short term, but you will destroy the 
engine and effectively waste your money.


Michael Sheridan Williams
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