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Re: MC in 90 Coupe Quattro sacreligious?

In a message dated 5/13/1999 Michael Williams <urquattro@surfree.com> writes:

<< The car <90/91 Coupe q w/NA 20v> already has almost as much power as a 
stock MC provides, but it weighs SOOO much and that is what is truly limiting 
its potential >>

Good point Michael, but the torque (even stock) and the upward tuning 
potential of the MC if far greater (as you know...after all, would you swap 
the modded MC in your ur-q for a NA 20v????).

My personal take on this is to go all the way (ala ersatz S2), or just enjoy 
it as-is. The two things that hold back the car are weight (as Michael 
mentions) and the nature of the 20v engine which requires one to keep the 
revs up, not such a bad thing since they are fun to wind out.

I would not call this conversion "sacreligious" if you had good reason to 
swap...such as a blown engine in the first place. Otherwise it seems like an 
aweful lot of work. I don't think the engine cost alone should be the measure 
of cost for this undertaking. In some ways it may be easier to swap in the 3b 
since the process is now documented and there are factory parts that can help 
make it happen.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq