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Andial IC gauge group purchase

	Based on some instrumenting discussions on the S-car list, I'm putting
together a group purchase on an intercooler temperature gauge that Andial
(major Porsche race and tuning shop) manufactures that was developed for
use in 930 turbo applications.

	I'm only planning to pursue a group purchase for the dual gauge unless
there is significant interest in the single. The dual gauge shows
intercooler inlet, outlet, and delta T. It retails for $249- the group
purchase price is still TBD. See: 

for pictures. To date, I've heard from enough folks on the S-car list to
justify calling Andial and start talking about a group discount, to see
where the price breaks might be.

	Please reply to me directly, and keep Andial somewhere in the subject so I
can segregate these from my other masses of incoming mail. Please let me
know if you're interested ASAP- I'd like to get the order placed by the end
of the month at the latest, which means I'll probably cut off requests the
end of next week (5/21). Let me know if there's any particular urgency
associated, or any other questions you have about the gauge or installation
so I can forward them to Andial.


	93 S4