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Re: Breaks in brakes

In message <373C6F4B.C5B9C7B2@snet.net> "----> Bob" writes:

> You have the option to turn ABS off over there like we do in the US?  I
> usually turn mine off.


In the MB, I've never turned ABS off (never had the gravel/snow problem)
and I've also never locked the differential in anger - only for testing

We have a new member with a _VERY_ interesting car.  It's ostensibly
a WR ur-quattro - 1984.  But it has an unlettered cylinder block
(identified only as '15500') and a _hydraulic_ cylinder head.  Among
many other things, he has a pile of paper in the boot that looks as if
it's just someone's dump for old documents.  The pre-delivery service
checksheet is in there, with all the documentation that originally
accompanied the car.

One item I've never seen before.  It's a brochure in the same format as
the driver's handbook, dated '2/83'.  On the front cover, it has a
picture of a car with an Ingolstadt registration "IN-NA nnn" and a
bronze paint job with sloped Cibie lights.  Think about it.

Inside, it has a graph comparing 0-60 times for a car accelerating
on 10mm of fresh snow over ice.  FWD, RWD, quattro and quattro with
the differentials locked.  The _UNLOCKED_ car is faster.

We're going through this car very carefully.  What I originally
thought to be a third oil pressure sender hole is perhaps actually
a pre-oiler port.  ETKA is low on information about the 'industrial'
I5 engines, though.

 Phil Payne
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