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RR Urquattro interior color

I acquired a complete (near perfect) leather interior from a late RR,
complete with the leather console, door pockets and lower dash.  The funny
thing is that the interior has black leather seats (with adj. lumbar
support - small wheel within the backrest adj. wheel) which the color
combinations don't show for the RR.  Yet the lower dash, the door pockets
and the console are a light gray color, lighter than the usual Granite.  The
donor car displays an interior color code of "69" in the vehicle data
sticker, totally unheard of by me before.  Is this a custom built interior
by Audi, or what on earth is 69?  Black doorpanels and seats, light gray
door pockets, console and lower dash...

FWIW, I paid approx. USD 2000, installed and my
lovelybrownwoolybrowntweedybrownplaid in exchange.

Any ideas?

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland