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RE: Andial IC gauge group purchase

Actually the gauge is not by Andial, they just mount it in a nice box. It is
an aircraft instrument and may be available through other sources. A friend
bought a replacement temperature sensor for one from a local aircraft
supplier. They weren't going to sell it to him until they found out it was
for a car, something about sales agreements. Seemed odd to. I'll ask if he
remembers if they had the gauge as well as the sensors.
Jim Dupree

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		From:	Steve Mills [mailto:smillsx@earthlink.net]
		Sent:	Friday, May 14, 1999 10:20 AM
		To:	s-cars
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		Subject:	Andial IC gauge group purchase

			Based on some instrumenting discussions on the S-car
list, I'm putting
		together a group purchase on an intercooler temperature
gauge that Andial
		(major Porsche race and tuning shop) manufactures that was
developed for
		use in 930 turbo applications.

			I'm only planning to pursue a group purchase for the
dual gauge unless
		there is significant interest in the single. The dual gauge
		intercooler inlet, outlet, and delta T. It retails for $249-
the group
		purchase price is still TBD. See: 

		for pictures. To date, I've heard from enough folks on the
S-car list to
		justify calling Andial and start talking about a group
discount, to see
		where the price breaks might be.

			Please reply to me directly, and keep Andial
somewhere in the subject so I
		can segregate these from my other masses of incoming mail.
Please let me
		know if you're interested ASAP- I'd like to get the order
placed by the end
		of the month at the latest, which means I'll probably cut
off requests the
		end of next week (5/21). Let me know if there's any
particular urgency
		associated, or any other questions you have about the gauge
or installation
		so I can forward them to Andial.


			93 S4