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Re:Slick 50, et al

There was recently a link on one of the lists in which I participate,
maybe even this one, to a federal website that included the complete
text of an injunction against the various corporate partnerships making
and marketing Slick 50. The wholesale sellers are enjoined from
advertising that their product does ANYTHING. (Except, perhaps, that it
takes money out of your wallet.) This injunction includes provisions
that they provide verifiable notice to retailers to cease and desist all
making any and all claims for the product. Proof is to be submitted to
the court. Knowledgeable people in the engine business report abnormal
sludge buildup and oil filter contamination with the use of these
products. I have always been non-committal about their use. Now I refuse
to install this type of product in customer vehicles, whether in the
engine or the transmission.
HTH, John