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VW Audi Fest, Sunday, Auburn Hills, MI

I just received this from a friend, and thought others in the area might
be interested. I plan on attending (after the F1 race, of  course!) 

Sorry for any WOB if this is old news!

86 5ks


                                  VAG Logo
                              Proudly presents the
                                   2nd annual
                               "The National '99"
                            Volkswagen/Audi festival
                              Sunday, May 16, 1999
                              Comerica Parking Lot
                (across from Volkswagen of America Headquarters)
                           3800 block of Hamlin Road
                             Auburn Hills, Michigan

                              (Click here for map)

Car Show  New Car Display& Other displays  Vendors  Swap Meet

Join us for a spring celebration of Volkswagen and Audi Enthusiasm.