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Re: big brakes and other marketing hype...

"R. W. Zehr" wrote:

> Beyond that, you are merely paying a lot of monety for the ability to
> reduce heat-induced brake fade, as sometimes found in rally or track
> racing (not autocross), or in extremely hazardous play in mountainous
> terrain.

Thats the secret. 4 inch rotors with 2 inch pads might lock up a wheel
if you wanted.. But even in one stop, as temperature increases, Cf
decreases (in most pad compounds). With a lot more area and/or clamping
force (more pistons) you get much more linear braking, and the ability
for more high speed stops.

I did the G60's on my 20V. Sure, I could have locked up the brakes
before I did it too, but now I get much better overall, consistant
braking, especially repetitive.