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Porsche Calipers & Rotors-Reply to Michaels comments

Paul.....below is a reply from Heinz Schenk, Guido's good friend in Austria
and a part of the Movit team.  SD
In general, Michael is not far from the truth.

1.Calipers:  True, the caliper design is unique to Porsche and although
produced by Brembo, has nothing to do with any of their designs. True on
all points, and hence I refrain from using the wording "Brembo" calipers in
my email.

2. Rotors: 993 Carrera S4, 993 all use 302x28 mm front disks but the
calipers are slightly smaller, pads are completely different, major
difference is that caliper/pad
height is about 10mm less when compared to "biturbo" rotor - he is wrong
with the
point that 993 biturbo uses "our" rotors which are 322x32mm, uses biturbo
caliper, see above.

No 993 has the 330x32mm rotors and will never have. These rotors are the
so-called "Cup race" rotors and are the only allowed brake upgrade for
competing in the Porsche Cup races. This is a very low production item and can
not even be purchased from most Porsche parts dealers, has to be purchased via
Porsche Motorsport Dept. - this guy is wrong again. (Note: Movit purchased
the world supply of these rotors for use in our larger kits)

GT1 uses unique 8-piston aluminum-berrylium calipers and 380x32mm carbon
rotors -
here he is basically correct regarding size but not regarding materials

GT2 endurance uses our "Terminator" components. Bigger calipers than the
biturbo but
same pad size, no seals, race stuff. Rotor is steel 380x32mm. GT2 "rain" is
essentially "our" biturbo kit that's why its also called GT2.  - again he
is not 100%

I don't want to go into the older models and styles, but the biturbo calipers
appeared first on the infamous 928 S4, but only in black color.

The rear calipers on TT's have same outer dimensions but only 4 pistons
with 28mm
diameter each. Front is staggered with 44's and 36's as you know.

Hope this sheds some light on the matter.


Steve D'Gerolamo - The Ultimate Garage
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