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Proper torque/procedure for center bearing support

I am finally got my 85' 4000 back together and running, but I am a little 
worried about the center bearing support that I removed and reinstalled. 
Is there any special procedure I should have follow while bolting the 
center bearing support back up?  I have driven the car and everything 
seems to be working fine, but I just don't want the center bearing to fail 
if I didn't align it correctly.  Also, what is the torque for these two 
bolts?  I set them to 35 lb-ft.

Thanks in advance,

Darren D. Wall
1985 Audi 4000 Quattro
1969 911 Turbo-Look 2.7Liter
1984 Volkswagen Vanagon (The Bus)
1999 Nissan Quest (The Wifes Kid Hauler)