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Re: Is it me, or is my 5KTQ a dog?

M Connors writes:
>     I was wondering what a ballpark boost rating would be for an '87
> 5KTQ with 100K on the clock?.  Ever since I have owned this car (going
> on 4 years now) I always feel like the car is not performing as it
> should.  The owner's manual rates the car at 160HP.  To me it just
> doesn't feel that impressive.  According to the boost gauge all that I
> can manage to obtain is maximum 1.2 BAR.  Does anyone know if this boost
> reading is par for this car?

If the gauge is working correctly you should be able to achieve about
1.4 bar.  Check for vacuum leaks, and the full throttle switch on the
throttle body.

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