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Re: Breaks in brakes


>I'm all for comparos.  Given what you and John have posted so far, I'm 
>thinking some baseline understanding of braking performance vs design needs 
>Maybe I need a lesson in the "twist" thing.  
>My .02
>Scott Justusson

My baseline understanding is fine.  If you read through all my subsequent
posts, I am NOT disagreeing with you.  In fact, I'm trying my best to let
the thread die.  I'm gaining no knowledge from the bantering.  The only new
information is being posted by Michael with regards to the Porsche info.

Information exchange is cool; arguing when I'm NOT arguing in not helpful.

Again, I agree with what you have said, and we share the same information
and opinions.  Our setup is no where near the ultimate, but it is very good
for use on the street.  As I have mentioned, if I were going to track a
4000 lb. automatic car and have fun, I would want to go to a kit such as
yours.  Limiting myself to what could fit under 16" wheels would be dumb.

Two cars sitting in my garage with their front suspensions out are calling
my name...

Best Regards,

John Karasaki