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Installation of Brass Fitting for Ur-Q Intake Dome

You may remember that I posted a request a few weeks ago for a replacement
fitting.  Well, amazingly Didi at Carlsen was able to find me the one and
only in the USA.  Audi calls it a Regulator, and all it is is a small brass
nozzle for one of the vacuum hoses.  Now to my question:

I am obviously concerned with cracking the Aluminum Intake Dome if I just
hammer the Regulator back in because it is an interference fit.  My
inclination is to cool the regulator and heat the dome, and fit them while
in this state.  Any better suggestions?

I guess I should also use some Loctite to ensure it seals properly?


John Corbs
Traverse City, MI
'83 & '85 Ur-qs (for my sins)