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What Bilstein shock for a C4Q?


I've got a problem figuring out which Bilstein HD
rears to use in my 1992 100CSQW.

Mark at the very good shox.com sent me B46-2065s,
but my installer insists the things are "too big
for the bushings". I've noticed in the European
Bilstein catalog at www.bilstein.de that there are
two rears possible for a C4: these, in a M12
thread and "Audi Sports Suspension", and
BE5-2593 with M10 threads. This could be euro spec

So, for all of you who've BTDT, should I be using
instead the 2593 s, as the bilstein.de catalog
suggests? Or is my tech not with it?



Tim Hoffman
1994 90S
1992 100CSQW
1973 100LS (long ago!)