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KE-CIS tech question


I have an 85 CGT that has been setting idle for aprox. 10 months.
( previous owner couldn't get it running) with a bad Fuel Pump relay.
After replacing the relay the car ran ok EXCEPT that there
appears to be fuel leaking into the air cleaner/lower fuel metering
housing. I can't see any external plumbing leaks but the air filter is soaked
with fuel and it (fuel) was leaking off the front of the assembly and on too
the lower sheet metal. ( about 50-100 cc's externally I'd guess)

I suspect the seals on the control rod or lower metering unit are the problem. 
Anyone have a better idea?
( I haven't gotten the air box completely apart yet)

My question - has anyone else seen this type of problem?
Is it likely that the seals will re-seal after a time or will I have to 
rebuild the fuel Dist. ?

I've never had a CIS system exhibit this problem.

Thanks for any help.

Paul R. Cole 		
'81 Coupe
'84 Coupe
'85 Coupe (Parts car-saddly)
'89 200TQ (getting new engine)
'80 924Turbo ( built to Carrera specs)
11111 Xerxes Av. S
Bloomington,MN- 55431
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