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200q20v Trim

I was working on the front end of the 200q20v today and the damn thing has
been smashed up in front way to many times.  My Mother has replaced one
headlight and my Father had hit a tree head on, small tree, and the whole
front end was replaced: lights, grille, bumper...  My question is, is
there anyway to get the chrome trim on top, sides, below to fit well at
all?  All those little f%^&ing clips just seem to break everytime to I
clip 'em in and out while trying to get everything in line.  Any real
tricks to this crap?  I have to get more of those clips as my stock ran
out quickly.  Plus on the drivers side of the car I noticed the panelling
around the corner signal is completely bent in towards the engine bay
making the corner signal nearly impossible to keep steady while getting
those clips in.  My fingers are bleeding on the damn keyboard.  Again, any
tricks or tips?

Alexander van Gerbig '88 80