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Re: Climate control testing

Most likely your refrigerent pressure is below the set point of the low
pressure switch, owing to insufficient charge. Have your system charged and the
clutch ought to start working, assuming my guess is right and nothing else is
awry. It's possible that your refrigerant loss is simply due to long-term
permeation through hose walls and seals, but given the age of your car, you may
well have a leak that needs fixing. 

Failure codes can be displayed by following the procedures in the Bentley shop
manual. In the event you don't have one, I believe there's a pretty good how-to
that can be found in the list archives. If you can't find it, email me
off-list. I think I've got it squirreled away somewhere.

At 11:43 PM 5/15/99 -0400, Nate Stuart wrote:
>How do I pull the prob. codes for my climate control system on my '87
>I cannot seem to locate my A/C problem. The clutch will not engage at all. I
>have jumped a +12v wire to the clutch actuator and it did engage and turn,
>however the A/C system is not turning it on. I have tried disconnecting the
>multi-function temp. sensor to no avail(was told if it was innoperative it
>could cause this.) What other sensors can I test, and where is the pressure
>sensor switch???
>The rest of the A/C system seems to be working correctly, ie. the engine fan
>turns on, the flaps open and the blower runs, but no compressor.
>BTW, how much would it cost to have a garage recharge the A/C system if I
>already have the freon???

Larry Mittell
87 5kcstq
89 200tqw