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Re: alignments and the freinds who love them

>>2: Is 0 deg of toe the best for tire wear(only) or is there something I
>>  am not thinking about?
> I dont know about the tire wear but I suspect your right.

I am coming into this discussion in the middle, so this may be out of
context, but 0 degree toe when you adjust the front end is not usually

The goal is to have 0 degrees of toe when the car in moving in its most
nominal condition.  This is usually at speed, straight ahead.  There is some
flex in the steering and adjustment system, so that under forward motion,
things flex back, or out, a bit.  This is why a correct alignment has toe in
of a few degrees, to pre-load the system so it is a 0 degrees toe when it is

If you change the types of wheels, especially the offset, you alter the
force curve that causes the flex in the steering system, and you need a new
static toe in value to get your 0 degrees toe at speed.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq