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Invitation to the TT Coupe unveiling at Clair Audi


I've been getting invitations to various new car unveilings from a local dealership, Clair Audi/Mercedes/Porsche/etc, for quite some time now. I've always declined due to time constraints, not due to disinterest. The most recent invitation came for the Mercedes S-Class unveiling! That would've been sweet.

So last week I receive another invitation, but this time it's for the TT Coupe unveiling on May 22nd. There will be food prepared on site by a locally famous chef, free car washes, a clown for the kids, a gift presented at the door, and the TT Coupe. This is the first such invitation that I feel like accepting. In fact, I'm pretty psyched for it. The one thing that might keep me from going, and every hour that passes it appears that this will be the case, my daughter was due to arrive last Friday, but she's decided to "hang in there" for a bit longer.  That sounds negative, but its not meant to be... either way, it'll be a great week for me.

Now I'm wondering, has anyone else received an invitation from Clair Audi for the TT Coupe unveiling? In case I can make it, it'd be nice to meet up with some other Audi nut while I'm there (most likely with my son, Seamus).

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd non-q
'89 Suzuki Katana 600

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