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RE: Rental Cars, part XXVI

Does bottoming out equate to the fulfilling the test pilot requirement of
any good rental driver? How much Evil Kneivel did you achieve? And I
always thought the best off road vehicle was an Avis TOWNCAR, not
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Subject: Rental Cars, part XXVI

Well, found another cool road today. Im in Salt Lake City and I got out
of the office today around 2. So I drove to Park City, Sundance etc and
decided to take a "shortcut".  Anyone with really big brass ones check
out the road between Alpine and Draper. Its a dirt road that isnt fit
for man nor beast. Just rental cars. Only saw a couple vehicles, 4 wheel
drive of course. I had a Windstart POS. I just cant beleive it made it.
Bottomed out badly many many times. But.. we made it!
If anyone knows this road, please feel free to let me know how stupid I