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new A4 Avant

Hello fellow q-listers.  My wife and I are the proud owners of a brand
spanking new Aluminum Silver A4 Avant 5 speed, 1.8T.  Recommending this
car is like preaching to choir, I know, but I must spout a little.  We
have owned Toyotas, but Audis transform my wife into a car nut.  I
don't get it but I am not complaining. 

Now for the bad news.  After 1805 miles on the car, I decided to brand
a deer with the four rings.  We weren't speeding but we ended up
hitting it at about 40 mph.  We wept.

Now for picking up the pieces.  Has anyone in the Appleton/Green Bay
area of Wisconsin had any body work done on a car like this that they
would feel comfortable recommending to us?  Please let us know.  Also,
if anyone in that area would be interested in meeting for a beer, and
doing some 90q20v diagnostics/problem solving, let me know that also.  

That is all.  TIA.

2 cars - 9 cylinders - 40 valves

'91 90q20v
'99 A4q Avant
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