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Re: Ur-Q Window Regulators Education please


    I seem to recall a pn being molded into the rubber of those mounts-- If
not, you can always use an M6-1.0 stud and a couuple of nuts to make your
own standoff.  The cables CAN be replaced, but it is extremely difficult to
get them properly wound onto the spool and spool/gearbox properly
reassembled (thanks to the necessity of partially compressing both springs
on the cable insulation.)  I've aided the process of reassembly by holding
the metal cover plate to the plastic spool housing with a couple fo
miniature c-clamps or hose pinch clamps.  While you've got the regulator
disassembled, take the opportunity to spray tuner cleaner onto the motor
stator & brushes.  NOTE: you can always pull a 4000 regulatgor assembly to
use for parts (including cables)-- you can use everything EXCEPT the track,
which sits at a different angle in the door.

Good luck.


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>Got a mirror into my door yesterday and had a better look.  Those of you
>predicted three flexible mounts were correct.  2 of mine have sheared.
>anyone have a part number for the flexible mounts please?  The parts list
>that I have shows a completely different setup and no apparent reference to
>the flexible mounts?
>What is the deal with the cable?  Does the whole regulator have to be
>changed out, or is it possible to replace the cable?
>John Corbs
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