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Re: [Q] '93 90S trunk won't open

If the lock slot is in the vertical position, the trunk is indeed locked
and the seat backs are locked w/ it.  I am not sure how those locks can be

Menelaos N. Karamichalis	mnk@verio.net	www.starnet.net/~menelaos/ 
						1995 Audi 90 Sport

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 17:35:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ed Skladany <eds@pluto.njcc.com>
Subject: [Q] '93 90S trunk won't open
I'm posting my problems separately so the threads can be distinct.
The trunk on my newly purchased '93 90S won't open.  I only have one key
and have verified with a dealer that it is a master (non-valet) key.  The
trunk also does not unlock with the central locking system.  The key works
in all other locks on the car.
The key doesn't turn in the trunk lock so I suspect he had the cylinder
replaced and lost the key for it. 
The seller swears he opened the trunk just before he showed it, but as I
said in my last post, all signs point to him being a liar. 

Since I'm trying to get into the trunk without: A) calling a locksmith, or
B) calling a "professional", I thought about going through the
pass-throughs in the rear seats.  The problem is, they won't budge either. 
I squeeze the release latches on either pass-through, and they won't move. 
I've pulled back the upholstery and can see the lock box, but there's no
visible sign of a locking mechanism. 
Are these pass-through latches locked by the central locking system?  How? 
Is there a trick to getting them open?  Or fixing the power-locks for the
rear without getting in the trunk? 
I'm also missing the owner's manual, but one's on order.  That's why some
of my questions show a lack of owner's knowledge.  Sorry. 
Ed Skladany
'93 90S
'84 4000S