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Re: stuck in 4th PT II

10 years ago I owned an old Opel Kadett (4 spd-manual). One day I
noticed it was possible to put the car in 1st and 3rd at the same time
by pushing the shift lever forth while it was in center position. The
same was possible with 2nd and 4th.
With two gears engaged at the same time the car didn't move in inch of
course. Not sure what happend when the cluth was pressed, but I would
not think it should have moved.
The fix was to buy a used gearbox from a private person for DM 80


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Betreff: stuck in 4th PT II

>thanks for the reply to part I.  let me clarify my earlier statement
>that I could "get it out of gear" by depressing the clutch.  it is IN
>GEAR even when the clutch is depressed  the car dr. says its beyond
>linkage, and he isn't sure how he'll get the forks disengaged (he
>its actually in two gears right now) without disassembling tranny...
>any advice?
>1986 4000CS 175K