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re: WTB right side taillight (type 44)

This brings up a point with my smoked Treser taillights, I almost got 
rearended last week, would have if I hadn't scooted up to within a couple 
inches of the car in front of me.  I'm thinking if my taillights get 
smashed, I'm SOL.  Can one buy new smoked Treser taillights still, or would 
I be relegated to searching for years and then finally giving up on my 
elusive search?  What would these cost even on the used market?  Smoked 
taillights totally change the look of the car and I couldn't bear the 
thought of replacing them with the regular style.  Hopefully I'll never have 
the occasion of needing to replace them.
-Matt Martinsen
Seattle, WA
'86 5KTQ

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