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UrQ Control Arms

	I am considering changing out my newly rebuilt control arms on my
1984 UrQ.  I replaced the bushings on them about 1000 miles ago with the
upgraded performance bushings from TAP/RevSport that are the polymer ones
with aluminum inner collars.  I have decided that along with Bilstein HDs
and every other new bushing  the ride is just a tad too tight.

	Here's what I want to do.  Anyone out there want to trade?  I'll
send you the control arms with the newish control arm bushings already to
go; and you send me your crappy old control arms and a set of new bushings.
I'll eat the labor of swapping them since I do it myself.  So do I have any
takers?  If I can find a set of control arms locally I may just buy a whole
new set so the possibility exists that they might just be for sale.

Bob Dupree
	84 UrQ
	93 LT-1Q