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RE: JC Whitney Fuel Pressure Gauge

I bought the gauge about 6 months ago and I look at it this way:  I now have
all the lines, fittings and manifold and if the gauge fails of appears to be
inaccurate than I can get a high quality liquid filled gauge for about $50
and I am still ahead of the game.  Just my $.02

Greg Herrmann

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Subject: JC Whitney Fuel Pressure Gauge

Someone poseted a while back that JC Whitney (of all places) has a fuel
pressure gauge with the right fittings for CIS system at a reasonable

I checked and indeed they have one for about $50. Which is about 1/8th
the cost of the official VW tester.

My question to any who might have bought this from JC, is what is the
quality like?  Is it likely to be of use in a real diagnostic
situation?  Will it last more than one or two uses?