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Re: Bay Area watercooled VW/Audi show on 5/23?

	yeah, i think i'll do this.

	also, bay area listers:

	todd's coming down on thursday, so friday night we're
	trying to throw together an urq on parade.  probably 
	meet up someplace mid-penninsula for a meal and talk 
	and gawk at our cars.  i've only seen three urq's in
	my life and i own one of them.  i want to see more.

	we'll probably pick a chili's somewhere, for dinner.
	something likethat, fresh choice, whatever.  i'm open
	to any and all suggestions.

	tucker?  anyone else?  feel free to pass this on.  
	all are welcome, urq or not, hell you don't even have
	to drive an audi.  

On Mon, 17 May 1999 RndLiteBMW@aol.com wrote:

]Is anyone else thinking of attending the watercooled VW/Audi show/sale at New 
]Dimensions in Santa Clara? 
]It's this Sunday (5/23).  I just found out and was curious if any listers 
]were planning to be there (I don't want my UrQ to feel lonely).
]				Thanks,
]				-Tucker

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