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'86 4000SC quattro for sale!!! Richmond, VA

Gang, I am selling my '86 4000SC quattro.  I had it advertised once before, 
thought I had a serious buyer in the area, that turned out to no happen.  
Since then, I have done a descent amount of work to the car.  
Well, first off, let me tell you about the car.  It is dark metalic gray with 
light gray interior.  Power windows, power locks, cruise, power sunroof, a/c. 
 Body is in very nice shape, could use paint.  Downfalls, power locks will 
only work when locking doors. The motor for the locks can be heard running 
when trying to unlock the doors, but nothing really happens.  Cruise control 
does not work.  Sunroof is slow.

Good stuff, just had 90k service done (I am not sure how many miles are on 
the car...odometer broke years ago at 112k) including new plugs, cap rotor, 
trans service, rear end service, lube job.  Also had coolant flushed.  
Biggest stuff done, had new Bilstien heavy duty shocks and struts installed.  
Kept the original springs.  Also had new balljoints and rear control arm 
bushings installed.  The car rides a bit firm, but handles great.

All tires are mismatched due to the previous owner.

Anyways, I can be reached at work durring the day @ (804) 379-9926, and in 
the evenings at (804) 275-7745.  Just ask for Tim.

I have put about $2500 into this car since January in parts and labor.  I 
want to get $1500 for it.  I feel the car can be driven anywhere.

Either e-mail me dirrect (not through the list) or call me.  Thanks in 

Tim Smiley