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Re: Cold Fresh Air(where can I get it?!?!) (FOUND IT!!!)

Here is a great way, IMO and Rob's opinion, works quite nicely.  YMMV, 
though.  IF you live in Seattle, or anywhere else that rains alot, e-mail me 
directly, I improved it a bit, for us poor seattle guys/gals.  Thanks Rob, 
and thank you lister, that help me with some great ideas.

Jason C

Read Below---->

In a message dated 5/13/99 6:10:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
only5kgt@uswest.net writes:

> Jason-
>  You might be surprised with the answer on this one. I have an '87 5000t 5-
> spd,
>  should be similar to yours in this corner of the car. I rear-ended a Honda 
> Gold
>  Wing at about 2 mph, ruining the bike and destroying the pass side turn 
> signal.
>  When removing the shrapnel, I looked in the newly made opening and got an 
> idea. A
>  flex hose (like for clothes dryer exhaust) will go from the airbox trumpet 
> to
>  this opening  (hole in bumper for turn signal on US mkt 44's) and give you 
> all
>  the cold air you want. I covered the outlet with expanded metal mesh (think
>  headlight stone guards- very rallyish) and did the other side to match. I 
> then
>  disconnected the inner parking lights on the DOT headlights, and the turn 
> signal
>  bulbs and wiring go right in those sockets. Inner portion of the headlight 
> now
>  flashes orange on signal! In short, you give up those weird, useless 
>  lights, slightly change the appearance of you front end (improved, IMHO) 
> get
>  cool air to the intake for much improved seat-of-the pants takeoff at high 
> speed.
>  Boost seems to spool up quicker too. I may post this whole thing to the 
> once
>  I do some tests showing actual degree of improvement (50-70 mph, etc.)
>  No hard numbers yet. But if there is an improvement (I think definitely!) 
> s
>  not bad for under $5...
>  Regards,
>  Rob