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TV papers or similar for 230hp or more in UR-Q


I have a UR-Quattro wich is rebuilt with a 20V engine from the S2 (ABY-engine). Because of the bureaucracy in Norway I need som TV papers (or similar) wich states that the UR-Q can handle 230 hp (or more) without modifying the brakes etc.
The Audi importer in Norway says that the factory only can approve 220hp (because it is 200hp + 10%). Probably bs from their side in order to avoid any extra work.
I know that there is a lot of UR-Q's with much more than 220hp so all I really need is a helpful soul with official papers wich approves the UR-Q for more than 230hp.
Anybody who could send me scanned papers by e-mail ?

Pl Rune Viken
Experienced UR-Q fan.