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Re: power steering fluid for 98 a6q?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ti Kan say:

> Valerie Delane writes:
> > the owner's manual lists only a special audi part # for the power
> > steering fluid.  what is the generic replacement?  i am willing to
> > pay the dealer if it will really make a difference, but somehow i
> > suspect that there is a high quality after-market replenishment.
> It's not "if it really makes a difference".  If you don't use the
> correct fluid, the seals in the system will be damaged.  The correct
> fluid is Audi part number G 002 000, also known as "mineral hydraulic
> fluid".  It is sold at dealers in the factory container, but you can
> also buy it aftermarket as "Pentosin 10.1".  It's the same thing.

Correct, except for a minor nit.

It is Pentosin 11s, not 10.1 (no such thing). The old
pentosin was 7.1, thatmay be the confusion.

To reiterate: do NOT use ANY form of power steering or
ATF or Dexron in these cars! Use only Pentosin mineral
hydraulic oil. Most good foreign parts places have it
(and if you need to go to a dealer, go to a VW dealer,
it's often a couple of $$$ cheaper).


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