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Re: body shop in eastern Mass or southern NH?

frank@zk3.dec.com writes:

>pretty good job with the paint, I'm not happy with the fit of the 
>replacement door 

> My dealer (Clair) says their shop can do it-- 
>any recommendations there?

Stay away from Clair's bodyshop!  My experience with them was the worse,
I posted here a while back so it should be in the archives....I would
rather forget.  Highlights of my experience:  They broke my sunroof,  had
to make a scene just so they'd admit it.  They had to fix the paint
several times.  They oversprayed inside the doors, on the trim, on the
sunroof deflector, and on the rear seat.  They finally tired me out and I
gave up, everytime I took the car there they would only address one
problem and tell me I'd have to bring it back.  STAY AWAY.

Any decent body shop should be able to align a door, sure the pillar is



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