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RE: New BMW television campaign

... you could probably come up with something that worked with a 50/50
braking distribution by putting a bunch of weight behind the rear axle too
... :-)

The thing that bothers me a bit about assuming that ABS is going to save
your bacon on the F/R distribution is what happens if for some reason the
ABS system fails?  Now you are forced to either live with having the rears
lock up or reduce the brake pedal pressure to keep the rears from locking
and suffer the reduced braking from the wheels that do most of the work.  My
preference would be for a system that was balanced properly without ABS, and
then to have ABS to handle panic stops and any situation where the friction
under one or more wheels was compromised ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Oops, I meant to say the center of gravity would have to be the same
> height
> as the contact patch...